Would you like me to speak at your event?

If you would like me to speak at your event, I would be delighted so to do, but I do have a few guidelines:

  • Your event must welcome everyone, no matter where they come from, nor the status of their protected characteristics.
  • You must have a Code of Conduct and an assistance team. I can help you choose and adopt one; The Berlin Code of Conduct is a good place to start: indeed, you can adopt it unamended. I can also advise on convening an assistance team.
  • If you record my talk, the video should be accessible without charge to everyone and may not be sold in any capacity.
  • I will not provide my talk materials in advance (unless there are live translations, for example to sign language or to a non-English spoken language). I will offer my slides and code examples for you to share after my talk.
  • I may present from my own laptop (HDMI from MacBook Pro) using my own slide template. Reformatting my slides to a new template is a lot of work.
  • You must cover travel expenses and conference admission.

I will prioritise events that:

  • record and publish the talk,
  • pay for business class travel arrangements or offer an honorarium,
  • make a significant and observable effort to promote diversity, such as offering reduced-rate admissions or working with groups such as #include <C++> to raise funds for travel expenses of under-represented attendees, or offering signing interpreters.
  • are held somewhere easily accessible from London Gatwick (LGW) airport,
  • include community-focused content such as lightning talks, open sessions, and panel discussions with audience questions.

Do keep in mind that:

  • I can give more than one talk if you want to maximise your budget.
  • I will be happy to mentor other speakers.
  • My schedule starts to fill from about six months in advance

Right now, I’m talking about:

  • New features for C++23 (particularly linear algebra and audio)
  • Growing better programmers by mentoring your mentors (keynote)
  • Inclusion and diversity in the C++ community

Of course, I am happy to speak on almost any topic you think I can effectively deliver to your audience.

(With thanks to Kate Gregory for her original template)

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